Our value proposition at HUM is

Grouping of orders so that purchases can be made in Bulk.

Pre-Ordering so inventory carrying costs are eliminated on the ground

Direct ordering from Wholesaler/Supplier

Auto Debits by opening of bank accounts and enablement of auto debits for services so that cost of collecting monthly bills (For services is minimized)...... Read More

HUM : Vision

HUM is a social enterprise that is committed to breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty by organizing communities at the base of the economic pyramid. So that as a collective, community...

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What we do

HUM is an enterprise that focuses on providing affordable access of goods and services at the BoP. How we work is
We use on-ground Focus Groups to identify the needs of a particular area,....

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What you would gain

A single point on the ground to deal with.
We will ensure the payment of the charges.
Access to a large under serviced market. (We estimate the number to be in,....

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