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“Try to solve a crisis, not a problem
”. Vinod Khosla. Founder: Sun Microsystems.


The Crisis: Absence of a formal system that caters to the demands of the job seekers, job providers and students at the base of the pyramid.


ΓΆ–ΒΊCan’t find talent.

ΓΆ–ΒΊTalent isn’t well trained.

ΓΆ–ΒΊHow do I know that the talent I have found is good?


ΓΆ–ΒΊCan’t find the right job.

ΓΆ–ΒΊEven if a get trained, it wouldn’t have a bearing on how I get compensated. (Base of Pyramid jobs like maids, helpers, etc)

ΓΆ–ΒΊWhile doing a better job gets me good referrals, upgrading my skills through better training doesn’t affect my ability to increase the price I demand.

ΓΆ–ΒΊIf I don’t do a good job, there is no way to track me and I can easily cover my tracks and hide in anonymity.

ΓΆ–ΒΊHow do I know where I am working is a good place to work.


ΓΆ–ΒΊProductivity suffers because of unavailability of manpower.

ΓΆ–ΒΊIndividual productivity isn’t rising as much as it should since there isn’t a formal skill premium for basic trainings or for a person to cash the reputation of his good work outside the realms of his circle of contacts.

ΓΆ–ΒΊGeneral mistrust between employers and employees leads to higher supervision cost.

Our Value-Proposition.

ΓΆ–ΒΊBuild a system that gets basic and unique data from the UID which the job seeker either gives to us directly or his training institute.

ΓΆ–ΒΊSkill data and UID number entered by training institutes. Close to 10 million trained last year through the govt training programs.

ΓΆ–ΒΊGiving data to large BoP employers like the contract staffing companies (Indian Staffing Federation), Facility Management Companies, Security and Hospitality companies.

ΓΆ–ΒΊReputation data entered by the user of the service. Every rating you give gets you access to three free contacts so you are encouraged to enter the data.

ΓΆ–ΒΊGradually the reputation gets built.

ΓΆ–ΒΊWe intend starting this service with only 1 or 2 skill sets and would gradually expand it to others.